Leading Ladies Supporting Women in Poker

PokerWomenNews is all about one thing: Women in poker. Online and live. On and off the felt.

It’s not that women playing poker is a subject that’s being neglected or forgotten in other media, but with female poker players still a minority, news regarding women have a tendency to drown in the never-ending news flow. And sometimes it takes one to see one in order to find and tell the good stories about women playing the fascinating game of poker all around the world.

No other website but PokerWomenNews focus solely on women in poker. This is the place to catch up with the latest results both online and live. To study the current rankings and the pay jumps on the all time money list. To read interviews with accomplished pros and recreational players with a passion for the game. To learn about strategy and the different varieties of the game.

I hope you will enjoy it!

Anne Albrecht

Photo: Bluff Magazine