Celina Lin Final Tables APPT Seoul Main Event


Asia Pacific Poker Tour Seoul Main Event concluded today with 13 players left out of a starting field of 241. Even though a bunch of female players were in contention at the start of day 2, only PokerStars pro Celina Lin was able to make it to the final day.

The event attracted all of the elite female players from the region: Kitty Kuo, Juicy Li, Eileen Wang, Yazi Zhu, Yu Kurita, Meikat Siu, Yongwei Mo and Celina Lin. Unfortunately only Yu Kurita and Juicy Li made it to the money; Li finished in 22nd place for KRW 5,680,000 ($5,175) and Kurita in 19th for KRW 6,310,000 ($5760).

The fact that Celina Lin managed to qualify for day 3 was a pleasant surprise. At one point Lin was down to only 15 big blinds, but the experienced pro was able to turn things around, and she finished day 2 third in chips – only Daniel Demicki from Poland and American Jason Mo had more.

On the final day of the event, it only took around six hours from the first hand was dealt to a champion was crowned. Unfortunately Lin came off to a tough start and quickly lost a couple of pots to Canada’s Tyler Jennens, and when the final table of nine was set Lin had slipped down to 309,000 in chips. Lin’s decline continued in a hand vs Daniel Kneafsey, where her kings got cracked by AK, and down to five players Lin was the short stack with 158,000 (8 big blinds).

Lin got it in good versus Jason Mo, when she moved all in for her remaining 155,000 in chips with

and was called by Jason Mo with . The board ran out and Lin doubled up with her set of tens.

Tyler Jennes was eliminated in 5th place when he shoved with AK and was up against Mo’s pair of queens, and unfortunately Lin was the next player to hit the rail. The action started when Daniel Demicki moved all in from the button and was called by Lin in the small blind. Hands were turned over and Lin was in great shape with another pair of tens

vs Demicki’s . The flop was a good one for Lin . The turn brought the and Demicki now picked up a flush draw. Lin had to doge a king and any diamond, but the river was the and Lin was knocked out in 4th place for KRW 50,490,000 ($46,092).

With this score Lin is up to over $500,000 in live tournament earnings according to the Hendon Mob. Congrats to Celina Lin on her deep run.

Jason Mo ended up winning the event with PokerStars pro Bryan Huang as runner-up and Daniel Demicki in third.

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