Jackie Glazier: “Golf Has Really Brought a Lot More Balance to My Poker Life”


In 2013 Jackie Glazier was the last woman standing in the Main Event at World Series of Poker. She finished in 31th place and recieved $229,281 for a really amazing performance.

Just three months later she won her first bracelet, when she took down the first Ladies Championship at World Series of Poker Europe in Paris.

You can relive the very cool moment here:

No wonder the 888poker pro arrived in Las Vegas this summer with great expectations. We caught up with Jackie Glazier to hear about her summer at the WSOP.

How many years have you played at the WSOP?
I have played at the WSOP for the past five years.

Why did you decide to play the WSOP this year?
It is probably the most important series on my yearly schedule.  With so many events and so many opportunities to have a great result I could never justify missing the WSOP.

What expectations did you have at the start of the series? And were they fulfilled?
My goals and expectations for the WSOP series are always set extremely high. They were not fulfilled, but as with every other year it just makes me hungrier to achieve more the following year.

How many events did you play and how did you run?
I think I played approximately 20 WSOP events this year. I cashed in three events. I did not run as well as I would have liked, but that is part of the game. It happens to everyone at some point. Hopefully next year will be better.

Did you play in the Ladies Event? And what’s your view on women-only tournaments?
I did play in the Ladies event. I am a big supporter of anything that promotes more females playing poker.

Thinking back at the WSOP, is there a special hand you recall – and can you tell us about it?
No hand really stands out as overly memorable. Obviously there were hands that during my post game analysis I felt I could have played differently or better in the future, but many of the situations I found myself in this year were fairly standard.

What was the most fun this summer?
I actually really enjoy playing poker, so just having the opportunity to play in the WSOP is amazing.  Regardless of my run this year, I am still really grateful to be doing something that I love. I have just started playing golf, so whenever I took any time off, I tried to get out on a golf course and have some fun. I have found that golf has really brought a lot more balance to my poker life.

What was the worst?
The worst moment was definitely busting from the Main Event (ed. Glazier busted on Day 1C). I have to admit that it is a painful and disappointing experience. It’s at that moment, that you realise the dream is over for the summer.

You are among the 4-5% women at the WSOP. How is it often to be the only woman at the table?
When I first started playing poker, it was very intimidating being a female in such a male dominated environment.  My advice to any female starting out in the game is that it gets easier.  With time you become more confident and even the odd sexist remark does not have an impact on you anymore.

What are your plans for the rest of the year poker wise?
I never plan too far ahead with my schedule, but after being away from home and family and friends for so long, I plan on spending the next few months in Melbourne. I will play a few local tournaments and then WSOP APAC. After that I may head to Macau or even consider some tournaments in Europe. I will then spend Christmas at home and start preparing for my favourite tournament series, The Aussie Millions.

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