Lily Kiletto on Ladies’ Night: “I Nominate Myself as the Biggest “Fish”

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The countdown to Ladies’ Night on Poker in America has begun. On Tuesday ten of the most accomplished and feared female pros will sit down in a all-female cash game for the first time. And you can watch too!

The lineup is: Vanessa Selbst, Natasha Barbour, Danielle Andersen, Jessica Dawley, Jamie Kerstetter, Lauren Billings, Lily Killeto, Ebony Kenney, Marsha Wolak and Jaclynn Moskow.

Yesterday we caught up with Jessica Dawley to get her take on the ladies-only cash game, and even though play hasn’t started yet, the banter has clearly begun. Dawley did not name the player, she considers to be the biggest fish at the table, but she told PokerWomenNews, that “the one showing the most cleavage is probably the fish!”

Dawley’s statement made Lily Kiletto take to Twitter, where she teased:

Lily Kiletto has $479,480 in live tournament earnings. She is primarily a tournament player and among her biggest results is a second place finish in WPT Lucky Hearts Poker Open in 2013 for $191,880 and a 5th place finish in WPT Montreal 2013 for $129,543. This year she was runner-up in a Heartland Poker Tour for $55,607. We caught up with Lily Kiletto to get her take on the ladies-only cash game.

What do you think about the idea of a Ladies’ Night? Is it good for the game?
“I believe having an all-ladies cash game is a great marketing tool to built some curiosity to the game.”

Have you tried to play in a ladies-only game before?
“The only all ladies event I ever participated in were usually tournaments, but never found a cash game with all women.”

How do you think it will differ from a “normal” game (with you being the only woman at the table)?
“The only difference would be the best looking poker table I ever sat down in, sorry boys”, Kiletto says with a smile.

Have you played with some of the other players?
“Yes. Most of them I’ve played with in the live tournament circuits.”

The blinds are 25/50. How much will you bring to the table?
“I will probably bring 40k to the game and buy in for table max, which is $20k.”

Who do you fear the most with this tough line-up?
“Of course Vanessa (Selbst), just because she’s just ridiculously talented and has no fear.”

Who’s the fish in the game?
“I nominate myself as the biggest “fish” in this game”, Kiletto says laughing.

Who will walk away a big winner?
“Poker is really unpredictable, but if I had to pick … probably Selbsts, because she would be taking all my money and making soul reads when I have jack high.”

Who do you consider the fish at the table? And who will walk away a winner? Deborah Swift puts her money on Danielle Andersen. What do you think?

You can watch the live stream on Tuesday, December 2nd on Poker Night in America. Tapings for the show take place at Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood, Florida. The Ladies’ Night will also be broadcast on Fox Sport 1 in 2015.

Photo: Lily Kiletto, World Poker Tour

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