Poker Mama Adrienne Rowsome at the PCA With Baby and Diapers


Poker is not all about twenty-something guys with hoddies and headphones. Having said that it’s pretty unusual to see players bring their babies along for international poker tournaments. But PokerStars pro Adrienne Rowsome wouldn’t miss the Women’s Event at the PCA, so she brought her son Carrick and her husband along for the ride. But as Rowsome points out in a new blog:

“I wouldn’t be able to take on the challenge without the support of my husband [poker player Ryan Carter], who has a knack for getting Carrick to sleep and is proficient at those diaper changes! It truly puts my mind at ease knowing that he is well cared for while I’m trying to scoop pots.” Rowsome adds that:

“If you see me rushing out the door during break, it’s because my little guy is not far away and needs a snack. He and his daddy are usually hanging out just outside the poker room.”

Since giving birth to Carrick the Canadian poker mama has only played live once before – at the UKIPT Isle of Man in October, where she finished in 12th place for £4,650.

Rowesome says she has noticed a lot of strollers at the PCA this year, so maybe she is not the only poker mom or poker dad around, and with players getting older and having families babies might be at quite ordinary sight at poker tournaments in the years to come.

You can read all of Rowsome’s blog here

Photo: Adrienne Rowsome with Carrick at the PCA, PokerStars

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