Video: Watch Vanessa Selbst’s Giant Bluff vs. Ole Schemion


In episode eight of the televised poker show the Shark Cage, Team PokerStars pro Vanessa Selbst attempts to bluff German wunderkind Ole Schemion. Does she succeed?

In the Shark Cage the players risk to spend an orbit in the cage if they fold to a bluff or get caught bluffing themselves. In this heat, which was recorded in Barcelona, Vanessa Selbst is just as fearless as we have come to know her.

The action begins with Selbst raising to 40,000 from the button with

. Tony G in the small blind folds and Ole Schemion calls in the big blind with . The flop brings and Selbst continues for 40,000, which Schemion instantly calls with his middle pair. The turn is the , which gives Selbst a straight and a flush draw. Selbst now bets 128,000 and Schemion calls pretty quickly. The on the river bricks and Selbst decides to bluff, betting 360,000. If Schemion calls here he sends Selbst to the cage, but if he folds to the bluff, he is the one watching the play continue behind bars for an orbit.

Can Schemion find a call in this situation? The German high roller uses four of his time bank chips before he makes his decision. Watch the video below and see how it all turns out:

Photo: Shark Cage, PokerStars 

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