WPT Borgata: Darlene Lee Chip Leader on Day 1B

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Day 1A of the World Poker Tour Borgata was an amazing day from a female perspective with two great players in top 10: Lily Kiletto and Allyn Jaffrey Shulman. But when Day 1B was in the books it proved to be even better as it ended with Canada’s Darlene Lee on top.

The two starting flights saw a total of 1,226 entries, which makes the WPT Borgata the 4th largest WPT event in history. An impressive 826 entries showed up to play Day 1B, and 425 of them survived to live another day. With the 176 players that advanced from Day 1A a total of 601 players will return to play Day 2 later today.

With all the women that signed up to play Day 1B you couldn’t help thinking, they were one of the main factors behind the large attendance. Among them were Julie Anna Cornelius, Jamie Kerstetter, Rabbit Everson, Eboney Kenney, Candance Collins, Lana O’Brien, Kara Scott, Sarah Tolagson, Anna Khait, Rachel Kranz, Loni Harwood, Patti Haggerty, Cherish Andrews, Cathy Dever and Darlene Lee.

Last time we heard from Darlene Lee was this summer at WSOP, when she was deep in the Main Event and finished in 113th place for $52k. The Cancer Research Supervisor from Burnaby, Canada, is on a one year leave traveling and playing poker, and the decision to play the WPT Borgata certainly proved to be a good one.

At the end of the day Lee was involved in a seven-way pot. On a board of

action was checked to Lee in middle position and she bet 15,000. The hijack responded with an all-in for around 30,000 and Lee called. The five other players folded. The cards were turned over and Lee showed for a straight, while her opponent had two pair with . Lee needed to fade a king and a seven to secure the pot and when the river bricked, Lee had chipped up to 195,000. Lee will return on Day 2 with 245,000 in chips, the second largest stack overall.

Two years ago Team PartyPoker pro Jamie Kerstetter finished in 12th place in the same event. No wonder she claimed, that WPT Borgata was her “favorite event of the year” on Facebook. Kerstetter ended the night with 63,700 (80 bb) in chips, a little above the average 59,322.

As reported on the WPT blog Kerstetter was involved in a fun hand, where she got an opponent, who didn’t like to fold, to pay her off. On a board of

Kerstetter bet 800 from the button, which the big blind called. The turn brought the and Kerstetter now bet 2,200. The big blind called once again. The river was the and Kerstetter asked her opponent “Did you match any of them yet?” When he said “No”, Kerstetter bet for at third time and her opponent snap-called with for two pairs. Kerstetter turned over for two higher pair, raked in the pot, smiled and said “You lied”.

Eboney Kenney who recently said she had retired from poker to pursue a career in acting took a break from her retirement to play Day 1B:

Kenney had a rough day at the tables, but at the end of the night she was able to double up twice, first with a pair of queens vs. jacks for her remaining 10,000 and then with a pair of jacks vs. Dan Buzgon’s tens, which sent Buzgon to the rail. Kenney will return on Day 2 with 46,000 in chips.

A lot of other ladies made it to Day 2, including Rachel Kranz who had a great day and was able to bag 96,500 and Rabbit Everson who will return with 67,700. Loni Harwood (49k), Anna Khait (45k), Cathy Dever (38k), Cherish Andrews (31k), Kara Scott (25k), Candace Collins (22k) and Lana O’Brien (6k) also made it to Day 2 dreaming of the $843,744 on top for the winner.

The best of luck and run good to all the ladies on Day 2.

Photo: Darlene Lee, WPT Borgata



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