WPT Borgata Day 3: Jamie Kerstetter Last Woman Standing – Again

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The World Poker Tour Borgata Poker Open saw 150 players return on Day 3, among them seven women: Jamie Kerstetter, Darlene Lee, Sarah Tolagson, Candace Collins, Lana O’Brien, Eboney Kenney and Rosalinde Dunmore. Unfortunately none of them will return on Day 4 to fight for the trophy and the $843,744 on top for the winner.

Besides Rosalind Dunmore all the female players made the money. The first one to bust after the bubble was Candace Collins, who exited in 106th place for $6,868 after running AK into aces:

Sarah Tolagson was the next to go in 94th place ($7,064) and moments later Eboney Kenney was sent to the rail in 91st place:

Let’s hope Kenney’s deep run will make her think twice about retiring from poker.

Unfortunately chip leader on Day 1B, Cancer Research Supervisor Darlene Lee was eliminated when she tangled with the new chip leader, Jean Max Gaspard. On a flop of

Lee bet 150,000 from UTG and Gaspard called from the button. When the turn brought the Lee moved all-in and Gaspard snap-called with for at straight. Lee showed and she needed a queen to preserve her tournament life. The river was the and Lee was out in 66th place for $8,438:

At this point Lana O’Brien and Jamie Kerstetter were the only women left in the field. The fact that Lana O’Brien was able to make it this far is pretty amazing as she was down to 7 big blinds on Day 2, but managed to finish the day with an above-average stack. On Day 3 the mother of two said she was at a tough table, and in her final hand she lost a flip with a pair of nines vs. AQ. O’Brien takes home $9,811 for her 57th place finish.

With O’Brien gone Jamie Kerstetter was last woman standing. Kerstetter claimed the same title in WPT Borgata Winter Poker Open last year and in 2012. No wonder WPT Borgata is Kerstetter’s favorite event of the year. Unfortunately she was not able to surpass her 12th place finish in 2012:

Congrats to all the ladies that made it so far. We have yet to see a woman winning a WPT-title. The dream lives on.

The remaining 31 players will play down to the six-handed final table later today.

Photo: Jamie Kerstetter at WPT Borgata Winter Poker Open 2012.



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