WSOP Main Event Day 2c: Survival of the Fittest


2,571 players returned to play Day 2c of the Main Event. They were still dreaming of the $10 million first place prize, the bracelet and the glory. But first they had to survive the day, and it proved to be a tough one. Unfortunately a lot of ladies were sent to the rail, while others climbed to the top.

Day 2c was not Vanessa Rousso’s lucky day. First she had to lay down a pair of eights after too much action preflop, and then she had her kings cracked by a pair of jacks, that hit a set on the flop. After the hand Rousso only had 20,000 left.

When the day was about to conclude, Rousso opened the action and got five callers. On a board of

the small blind led out for 4,100, and Rousso raised to 8,200, while the other players got out of the way. The action was back to the small blind and he bet enough to put Rousso all-in. Rousso called and tabled for the nut flush draw, while her opponent had bottom pair with . It did not look too bad for Rousso as she had a lot of outs, unfortunately the turn and river bricked to eliminate Rousso from the Main Event.

Anna Khait was sent to the rail, when her full house was beat by a better boat, and soon after two-time bracelet winner Jennifer Harman was knocked out:

Others who failed to make it to day 3 were Team PokerStars pro Leo Margets, Women in Poker Hall of Fame inductee JJ Liu, Xiao “Cheryl” Peng, Lily Kiletto, Dee Dozier and Eboney Kenney.

Danielle “dmoongirl” Andersen could easily have followed along as she called an all-in with AQ and was up against aces. The hand left Andersen with only 20k, but she managed to chip up and survive to live another day:

Linglin Zeng had a great day. When she sat down a the table at noon, she had around 100k in chips, and she kept building on her stack. At one point she had accumulated 320k, but at the end of the day she bagged and tagged 206k (avg. 107k).

It looked even better for Jennifer Malensek. With 51k to begin the day, it was hard to imagine that she would climb into top 40 with massive 211k in chips. If she continues to crush, her biggest live tournament win of $1,595, will soon be a thing of the past. Suzanne Miller also finished the day in style with 208k.

Real estate expert Bridget Fredericks had a great run and advanced to Day 3 with 121k. Her play made a strong impression on poker superstar Daniel Negraneau, and he predicted that Fredericks will be the last woman standing this year:

Other notables with a chance of being the last woman standing (with the bracelet) are member of PokerStars Team Online Tatiana Barausova (103k), Dorothy von Sachsen (103), Lily Newhouse (93k), member of Pokerstars Team SportStars Fatima Moreira de Melo (6k2) and Sarah Tolagson (40k).

The remaining players from Day 1c will join those from Day 2a/b, when day 3 kicks off. The money bubble isn’t expected to hit until Day 4.

And by the way, chip leader going into Day 3 is none other than 10-time bracelet winner Phil Ivey.

Photo: WSOP

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