E-Tay Donates 1% of WSOP Winnings to PokerWomenNews

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As PokerWomenNews at the moment has no sponsorship deals or advertisement contracts every donation to the site counts. Before the 2015 World Series of Poker kicked off, poker pro Esther Taylor-Brady (aka E-Tay) generously promised to donate 1% of her earnings this summer to PokerWomenNews. In April 2015 she wrote on Facebook:

‘”In my profession women make up no more than 5% of the field, often less. I’m so thankful that there is a site to spotlight and honor success for women in poker. Thanks so much to Anne Albrecht who dedicates much of her time and money, (she does not get paid) to www.pokernewswomen.com. She did several articles on me during my DREAM World Poker Tour experience and if you read/liked any of them please take the time to donate $5-$20. I will also be donating 1% of all 2015 WSOP winnings, and encourage any of my fellow poker pros to do the same!”

Just when the WSOP ended, E-Tay’s donation found its way to PokerWomenNews’ PayPal account, and because of the success E-Tay enjoyed in Las Vegas this summer it was not a small donation. Taylor-Brady:

* Finished 48th in Event #14: $1,500 NLH Shootout for $5,413
* She took 25th place in Event #24: $1,500 HORSE for $5,388.
* In late June E-Tay made at deep run in the $2,500 Hollywood Poker Open Main Event, ultimately finishing in 5th place for $70,951. Taylor-Brady was kind enough to include this large score in the donation even though it was not a WSOP event.

I would also like to thank Shirley Rosario, Julie Anna Cornelius, Lola Massad, Maggie Morris, Nika Futterman, Nancy Martin, Amy Connor, Kara Tobin and Liv Boeree for their donations.

Since the launch of PokerWomenNews in spring 2014, 206 posts have been uploaded. Every month the site attracts more than 4,000 unique readers with around 6,000 page references. 5,700 people follow the updates on Facebook.

However, PokerWomenNews has come to a crossroad, where our reader’s expertise and input are needed in order to take the site to the next level, so we can continue to bring you poker news dedicated solely to women. I would like to encourage all of our readers to come forward with any ideas for supporting PokerWomenNews. Please consider if you have any contacts or network that might be interested in signing a sponsorship or advertisement deal for mutual benefit.

All readers of the site and followers on Facebook and Twitter make it all worthwhile and great fun. If you want to donate please use the buttons below or our PayPal email:

Photo: Esther Taylor-Brady, World Poker Tour Borgata.

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