China Poker Championship: Yaxi Zhu First-Ever Champion


PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. Aussie Millions. Macau Millions. The poker year 2016 has come off to a great start with high and low stakes tournaments all over the globe.

Today the inaugural HK$9,000 China Poker Championship played down to a winner in Macau. Only players with a Chinese passport were allowed to register, and 149 runners seized the opportunity, incl. Juicy Li (Sixiao), Wang Fei and Yaxi Zhu.

Even though Juicy Li started Day 2 as the chip leader, she was eliminated from the event outside of the money, when all the chips went in on a flop of 6-5-2. Juicy Li, who had a pair of deuces in the hole, had flopped a set, but her opponent, Sun Ning, with 6-4 in the hand, made sure to river a straight to send the Chinese pro out of the tournament.

Unfortunately Wang Fei was eliminated before the final table as well, but with 15 players getting paid, she was able to collect HK$17,600 ($2,262) for her 13th place finish.

On Day 3 and down to the final table of eight, only Peng Miao had more chips than Yaxi Zhu, and with four players left Peng Miao was still in the lead. After the elimination of Sun Ning in 4th place and Zhang Weiyi in 3rd, Peng Miao and Yaxi Zhu were heads-up for the title. After two hours of play and a raising war where Peng Miao decided to call Yaxi Zhu’s all in with 4-2 vs. Zhu’s AK, Zhu finally emerged victorious making two pair on a board of A-7-5-2-K. Besides the trophy Yaxi Zhu takes home HK$304,400 ($39,115) for the title.

Ran Yin2

Macau Millions Deepstack
Chinese player Ran Yin had a great day at the Macau Millions as well. In event #2: HK$5,000 Deepstack, Ran Yin defeated 80 runners to bring home HK$95,460 ($12,600) for the win. Juicy Li made it to the final table too, ultimately finishing in 5th place for HK$28,290 ($3,645).



Photo: Macau Millions.

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